Chris Ramirez Design




iPad Application

Building on the success of the Lincoln Showcase App, which helps Lincoln Dealers across the nation display pertinent information to potential Lincoln customers, Black Label was added to introduce the luxury fleet to Lincoln's most discerning clients.



The Vision

Showcase the best of Lincoln luxury

Lincoln owners take pride in the car they drive, and have high expectations when it comes to luxury. Communicating Black Label's value digitally meant delivering the personalized experience by unifying both design and service. Created for those with exquisite tastes in art and culture, Lincoln Black Label appeals to those with attention to detail and love of automobiles.




Accessible designer themes

The themes highlighted in the pilot version of the app included Modern Heritage, Indulgence, Center Stage, and Oasis. Each theme was available for both MKC and MKZ models. Through the experience, a user would find out what inspired the design and materials within each design theme, see both interior and exterior views, access exclusive member services, and see availabilities at local dealerships.